May 272014

Last week I made a fatal error. I blogged about my secret love of musicals and put together a recording for you all from one of my favourite musicals, Les Misérables. The song was called ‘A Little Fall of Rain’.

Well it would just so happen that the day after I recorded that track I was caught walking 2 miles from my house in nothing less than torrential, end-of-the-world monsoon-like rain, closer to ‘A Little Downpour of Rain’. To top it all I’m a firm believer that once April/May rolls round then its time to break out the shorts. It turned out that anything but shorts would have been fantastic for my long walk home on Friday. I’ve learnt my lesson; this week I’m avoiding the topic of weather in my recording so as not to tempt fate.

This week’s  track is helping me to possibly gain some credibility in preparation for another embarrassing confession in the coming blog posts. I’ve opted for something that is maybe not a ‘cool’ song but at least leaves me with a shred of dignity before my next video recording (I’ll give you a clue…if I tempted fate with ‘A Little Fall of Rain’ then we could be in for some seriously adverse weather conditions when this hits YouTube…). Today, I’m giving you my take on a classic song originally by Fleetwood Mac called ‘Songbird’.

There’s nothing flashy about this recording. No bells and whistles. Just a piano and a guitar sound, but it’s probably one of my favourite recordings to date. I wouldn’t profess to being the biggest Fleetwood Mac fan on the planet, yet the album ‘Rumours’ has always blown me away especially since I have been lucky enough to own it on vinyl. This song in particular is such an understated highlight on what is already a mostly faultless album.

As you know, each week I aim to give you a piece of music that I really like for one reason or another. For many of these weeks the tracks might mean something to me and hold some significance to my life, while for some weeks it may just be a piece of music that strikes a chord (no pun intended) or resonates (no pun intended again) in some way with me.

This track applies to the latter, and I guess one of the best things about music is when you can’t pinpoint why you like something. You just know that it’s a special piece of music.

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