Jul 222014

It’s been a fairly busy couple of weeks so this is my first post in a little while. To cut a long story short, I’ve moved out of one place and into another. I’ll still be based in Cheltenham and will still be offering all the same services I was before, but it has definitely set me back on the blogs! This week will be a bit of a short one, and then there will be a couple of weeks without one, but then I’ll be back to my normal blogging routine.

Today, I’ve recorded a hugely famous piece of music probably made most famous by Louis Armstrong. I was flicking through my music deciding what to play and thought that with the backdrop of the sun shining, not a cloud in the sky (well, ok, maybe one or two…) this was a great choice. It’s my own little arrangement of a piece that has become a standard for many musicians.

So, this afternoon, wherever you might be I encourage you to take a break from what your doing and take just 5 minutes to sit back, relax and have a listen to this recording of ‘What a Wonderful World’.



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