Creative Notation is the brainchild of Matt Bunting. Matt is highly qualified in many aspects of music, ranging from his B.A. (hons) degree from the University of York to his ABRSM grade 8 (distinction) and diploma in piano performance. Matt has also taught secondary school music for 3 years and holds a PGCE from the Institute of Education. Matt is highly passionate about all things music and loves helping others to develop their understanding of the subject.

Matt has been playing music for over 10 years having started with keyboard lessons at the age of 14 and then piano lessons shortly after. Many people believe that you need to start playing at a very young age to develop musical ability, and while it may help to do so Matt has shown that hard work and a real passion for learning can lead to success on an instrument. It may be a cliche but practice really is the key to moving forwards with piano, and at Creative Notation we believe that anyone can learn to play so long as they genuinely want to learn.

Having passed his piano diploma Matt continued to develop his technical skill on piano but also began to compose and has since developed a style of music that is unique and inspiring. Matt believes that a truly great composition is one that isn’t written, but is crafted slowly over time where each musical idea is linked to an emotion, person or theme. These musical ideas are then brought to life in the piece and work together as they develop and evolve. By doing this, each piece sounds completely different and always reflects the occasion that it has been composed for.